Jewellery Maintenance

Your jewellery is subject to typical “wear and tear” and needs to be inspected regularly. Upon our free inspection and cleaning service, our goldsmiths will thoroughly check for any loose stones, any thinning of metal, and any cracks, among other common repairs. If there are no repairs needed, we will clean your jewellery items.

Common jewellery maintenance includes:

  • Building up the bails and ends of your chains & pendants
  • Claw re-tipping
  • Buffing & polishing 
  • Rhodium plating
  • Re-sizing
(On the left you will notice the worn down claws gripping the centre stone versus the claw on the far right after the claw has been built up, prior to the final clean, polish and rhodium plating.)

We provide all of the above on-site services to keep your jewellery continuously looking like it just left the showcase.