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  • Ear piercing services are only available Tuesday to Friday, from 10:30 AM to 5:00PM.
  • At this point and time we are only offering ear piercings to individuals 5 years & older.
  • Individuals MUST book an appointment for ear piercings.
  • Individuals booked in for ear piercings can only be accompanied by 1 additional individual due to our store capacity guidelines to serve the public.


For ear piercings in Milton, we at The Vault Fine Jewellery & Repair are happy to offer our customers a high quality ear lobe piercings service, using 14 Karat gold earrings, to which we have many styles to choose from, for the price of $149.99 + TAX (which includes the stud choice & piercing operation). Following health guidelines, with an impeccable record and high quality earrings mean your earrings can still be worn for years to come!

Our experienced staff pierce both ears simultaneously for minimal time in discomfort. If you are worried about the pinch – it only lasts a few seconds – we suggest purchasing some EMLA cream from the drug store. This topical anesthetic will numb almost any pain sensations in your lobes. Note, that if you are using this cream, it must be applied 45 minutes prior to your appointment.

If you have any other questions about our ear piercings process or you would like to book an appointment, call us at 905-875-2999.


  • Clean ears with a fresh Q-tip soaked in rubbing alcohol twice a day. Remember, using rubbing alcohol too often will dry out the ears and increase the chance of infection, so only clean them twice a day.
  • Apply Polysporin® with a fresh Q-tip many times a day. With infants, the recommendation is after every diaper change. For nursing or bottle fed babies and infants, watch for milk leaking onto the ears during feeding.
  • Clean hands thoroughly before touching ears or earrings, especially if you have pets that you have been touching.
  • If the ears show slight redness, pain or swelling for more than 24 hours, contact your family physician. Do not remove earrings before seeing your doctor.
  • Normal bathing and showering are permitted but otherwise keep the pierced area dry. Swimming is permitted.
  • Turn jewellery while ears are still wet and right after applying Polysporin®.
  • Do not remove earrings under any circumstances until a minimum of 8 weeks has passed. Do not try to tighten the “butterfly” on the back of the earrings. They are specially designed to allow air to reach the pierced area, speeding the healing process.
  • It is highly recommended that only 10 Karat or 14 Karat gold earrings are worn for the first year.
  • When wearing either sterling silver (which contains nickel), base metal or costume type earrings for the first time, look for redness at the site or a tingling feeling. If this occurs, remove earrings immediately and treat with a topical antibiotic if necessary.

If you have any other questions about our ear piercings process or you would like to book an appointment, call us at 905-875-2999.

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