Dimples Fingerprint Jewellery

What is Dimples Fingerprint Jewellery?

Sacrifice, hard work, partnership, and innovation: This is the story of Dimples and its creators, husband-and-wife team Jeffrey Ross and Patti Moloney. Running a successful business, driving innovation in the jewellery industry, and raising three children together has come with its share of adversity, but this dynamic duo has risen to the challenge each and every time, often through great leaps of faith.

It all began when Ross designed Moloney’s engagement ring and fell in love with jewellery design. Spurred on by Moloney and much to his parents’ chagrin, he shifted his studies from biology to jewellery arts. Everything clicked for Ross in this new world of creativity and science.

In 2006, after completing the Jewellery Arts program at George Brown College, Ross opened a jewellery gallery in Uxbridge, Ontario. The couple’s first son, Owen, was born that same year and Ross’ creativity began to bubble. “How can I capture this moment forever?” he thought. And the idea for Dimples was born: His son’s fingerprint impression captured in sterling silver to last a lifetime.